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About John Van Dien

Generations of law enforcement experience working for you

John Van Dien is a 55-year-old, fourth-generation law enforcement officer currently living in Lindenhurst. Van Dien has spent the last 36 years of his life working at the Lake County Sheriff's Office in multiple capacities. He has served as a highway patrol officer, a correction officer, a court security officer, worked in the traffic control division and served the county warrants division. Van Dien has also served as a task force member for the U.S. Marshall’s Office and the Drug Enforcement Agency and a member of the Repeat Offender Program.

Van Dien, who grew up in North Chicago, is hyper-focused on making Lake County safe again. As a life long Lake County resident, Van Dien remembers when you could leave your car door unlocked at night without fear of theft, and home invasions were few and far between. Now, children aren't safe walking one or two blocks to their neighborhood park. "I’m out in the street, witnessing what is going on. I see the offenders and the victims with my own eyes. Politicians freeing these criminals with slaps on the wrist are not making our streets safer.”

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